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The Northern Counties SafetyGroup was formed in 1972 as a 'members' organisation and converted into a 'Limited' company in 1976 under "Memorandum and Articles of Association". The ‘Group’ provides a broad range of safety, health and welfare advisory services to its members; and acts as the ‘competent assistance’ required by health and safety legislation.

The updated objectives for which the group was established are, in summary;

  • Provide members with access to at least one qualified Health and Safety Professional.
  • Maintain an organisation for the giving of advice and opinion on all matters affecting or relating to safety, health and welfare in industry, predominantly the Building Engineering and Construction industry.
  • To act as competent assistance in connection with "The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations"
  • To promote interest in, disseminate knowledge about and arrange discussion, instruction and training to further the use and improvement of safety and health and accident prevention techniques and practices within the member’s industries.
  • To collate and disseminate information on all matters relating to safety and health precautions or regulations; and to print and publish papers, pamphlets and other information with regard thereto and to hold meetings, courses, lectures, discussions and seminars.
  • To provide health and safety advice and assistance to member’s in the carrying out by them of training to their own employees in safety procedures.